First off, thank you SO much for deciding to order art! I Can’t tell you how excited I am to get going on your piece.


1. Contact me via the CONTACT tab and submit your request for a commission! Be sure to include medium and time restraints, if any.

2. Send all reference photos to

3. Once I begin your painting, I will send you an alert and you can proceed to the SHOP tab and check out!

4. Once your painting has dried, I will ship your piece!


The great thing about a commission is that it is not just a painting of any animal, it is a painting of YOUR animal.

So I want to capture as many of your pet’s unique qualities as I can.

The better reference photo I have to work from, the quicker I will be able to get your piece done and the better the work will come out. 

A photo taken outdoors in even natural light will result in a better reference photo than one taken indoors or with a flash. The flash can sometimes over expose some of your animal’s features so I won’t be able to see some of the distinct qualities that make your animal unique. A photo that is taken indoors with little light can also make it hard to see your animal’s unique characteristics. 

The photo to the left is an example of a great reference photo. The photo to the right is an example of a reference photo that is difficult to work from. Both photos are of the same dog, but a painting done from the photo on the left will come out MUCH better than one done from the photo on the right. 

Send me more than one photo of your animal! If I can’t see something in one photo, I might be able to see it in a different photo.

If you are having trouble taking good reference photos, please let me know!

Thank you so much!

Email all reference photos to